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What to expect during the claims process.

  1. Call Gillons directly to report a claim
    1-800-465-7797 | 24/7 claims service
  2. An adjuster from the company you are insured with will reach out to you directly to gather all the necessary information.
  3. The Adjuster will be your main point of contact throughout your claims process and will guide you each step of the way. You may reach out to your broker at Gillons at any time as well should you need further assistance.

Need to make a claim?

Call 1-800-465-7797 anytime.

Common Terms

Brokerage (Gillons)

Gillons is your first touch point and we handle the intake should you need to report a claim.


After reporting a claim directly to your broker or calling our number, you will be set up with an Adjuster through your insurance company. They will be your go-to for your entire claims process.


Your Adjuster will work with an appraiser to assess the damage and determine the repair or replacement cost. Normally, you will not need to be in contact with the Appraiser, your adjuster will handle all communication.

Restoration Company or Repair Garage

Your Adjuster and Appraiser will work with a Restoration Company or a Repair Garage to determine the damage to your vehicle or property (depending on the claim). Your Adjuster will inform you of what steps to take in getting your vehicle or property fixed.

Common Terms