Parents – There are very few excuses for not having life insurance

Arranging for proper life insurance is likely not a topic that fits into the busy agenda.  But life insurance should not be overlooked; especially when you have loved ones depending on your income.

If you think about it, likely your most powerful asset for your family’s financial security is your ability to earn an income.  If that income suddenly stops, will someone in your life be adversely impacted financially?  If you have dependents, the answer is certainly “yes”.  

Debt obligations, such as your mortgage, are only one side of the equation.  Your on-going income may also provide:

  • A standard of living
  • Future retirement savings
  • Children’s education funds
  • Long term family goals

Here is the good news – most people assume term life insurance is much more expensive than it is.  The affordability leaves very few excuses for not carrying it. 

We encourage you to meet with one of our qualified advisors at Gillons that can help determine an appropriate amount of life insurance pertinent to your specific needs.  Death is not an event one enjoys thinking about but by providing your loved ones with a tax-free lump sum financial benefit, your family’s emotional loss will not be compounded by financial worry.