Infection Control 101 For Businesses

As provinces across Canada have started to reopen the economy, infection control has become a priority for all businesses. To help you better understand COVID-19 exposures and worksite infection control best practices, our partners at Northbridge Insurance have partnered with VOHS Consulting Group, experts in occupational health and safety, to provide you free access to a risk management training program designed to help you understand the risks and how you can create a plan to control infection exposures.

Risk Management Training Program – Welcome to Covid-19 Infection Control for your Business

What you’ll learn:

  • ​Worksite infection control best practices
  • How to create a plan to control infection exposures 
  • COVID-19 exposures and risks

In addition, here are some additional industry-specific resources about infection control, mitigating risk and business continuity planning:


Manufacturing and Resources

Transportation and Logistics

Construction and Contracting

Consumer and Business Services