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At Gillons, we want to provide you with more than just a quote. We want to provide you with understanding.

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Home and Auto Insurance

There is never a bad time to save some cash. Especially if, let’s say… you just bought a new house or car. Oh! Or maybe a new recreational vehicle like a sled or ATV… We do live in Northern Ontario after all.

Regardless, the advantage of dealing with a brokerage is choice. Our friendly sales staff can present you with plenty of money saving options and a policy that fits. Online quotes are fine and all, but dealing with another human being is just a little more… “Northernly”.

Get in touch with our Personal Insurance Account Execs and they’ll sniff out the savings.

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Business Insurance

We know your business means more to you than a dollar value and when it comes down to mitigating your risk you want more than a phone call or email to help with your insurance decisions. You want a trusted partner to help you manage your coverage and steer you towards the right options to grow.

That’s where we come in.

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Discount Program

At Gillons we are pretty keen on community and collaboration. So much so that we’ve worked with our insurance partner Northbridge to develop the Discount Insurance Programs in order to celebrate membership and teamwork.

Let’s start saving.

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