Financial Services

Insurance is truly about security. Whether you are a parent or spouse who wants to ensure that your family is financially secure if you were not able to provide for them or a business owner who wants to remain competitive and leading edge with modern group benefits, Gillons Financial Services can provide you with solutions.

We strive to teach you about the options available in the marketplace and customize a plan that fits your individual needs.

Individual Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a necessity for the majority of Canadians. However, it can be confusing with the abundance of options. In the event of your passing, improper planning could result in your family or business could be faced with financial hardship, unmanageable debts and insufficient income. We offer customized and affordable solutions to protect your family’s financial well-being after you’re gone. In many cases, life insurance is extremely affordable and flexible.

Disability Insurance

Many Canadians think that their most valuable asset is tangible, such as your home. However, in fact, it is likely your ability to earn an income. If you were hit with an unexpected illness or injury, could you manage your expenses and provide for your family in the short or long term?

Gillons Financial Services is able to offer various income replacement plans designed to replace income lost because of an accident or a sudden illness.

Critical Illness

Being diagnosed with a critical illness can be overwhelming. With a critical illness policy, a financial burden will not add to the stress and will allow you to focus on your health. Use your lump sum benefit to maintain financial stability, access enhanced medical services or to aid your recovery in other ways.

Group Benefits

Group benefits are a large expense for employers. Are you seeing a return on your investment? Modernized group benefits can set you apart from other employers helping you retain key employees and attract top talent in order to grow your business.

We do not believe in the “one size fits all” plan. We want you to understand how group benefit plans work and constantly be educated with options available. Our plans are customized to each client’s needs with unique service elements providing a truly different approach to group benefits.