Our Story

There are plenty of ways to manage your insurance. Some people want to just get it over with as quick as possible, for as cheap as possible and there are certainly insurance companies that will cater to their style. We like to do things a little differently. We have built our brand on being “people-inspired”. That means working one on one with you guys, the fine people of Northern Ontario, to ensure you have a choice in your coverage and to make sure your policy fits your “Northernly lifestyle”. We don’t like to think of insurance as a necessary evil – to us, it’s more like a necessary friendship except we’re friends that can save you a bunch of money. And at times when you enter “crisis mode” wouldn’t you rather call a friend rather than some faceless account rep who lives kilometers away?

Anyways, that’s who we are. Below are some words that put it in simple terms to get us amped up before game time.

We lead with the belief that Northern Ontario is a better place when people come together to foster the growth and success of our communities.
Our products, services and co-operative connections will make all the difference towards the ambitions of our clients, their families and their work.
Having local spirit
We design our products and services around the people of Northwestern Ontario and their lifestyles. We are highly invested in our community.
Being friendly and helpful
Our people are neighbourly and approachable in times of both success and crisis.
Being boundryless
Whether it’s our process, new technology or how we communicate. We will explore and observe the behaviors of our clients and adapt to fit their needs.
Being collaborative
We all work together and join forces with like-minded partners to maximize the value for our clients.