The Coldest Night of the Year

Coldest Night of the Year

February 5th, 2017

On February 4th , Gillons Insurance (Thunder Bay) hosted their 2nd annual Gillons Gone Loonie indoor Yard sale.  This is a fundraiser held by staff to support a local non-profit organization.  This year the sale was in support of the Coldest Night of the Year walk for Grace Place (235 Simpson Street, Thunder Bay).  This walk takes place Saturday February 25th , 2017 – There is still time to register!  Looking to sponsor a team, you will find us at:

All of the left over yard sale items were also donated to non-profit organizations.  Clothes were dropped off at Clothing Assistance Mission.  Household items and books were picked up by Teen Challenge.  You will find these items later this year (June) in their store.

We often live a life of excess.  Sharing some of this “excess” with others is not only rewarding but freeing.  If you are looking to unload please keep Grace Place, Teen Challenge and Clothing Assistance Mission top of mind.  They need your help and are readily accessible to others in the community that need it the most.

Grace Place:
Teen Challenge: br />Clothing Assistance Mission:
Coldest Night of the Year 2017:

Special THANK YOU to all that helped make our Gillons Gone Loonie event such a success:

Gillons (Thunder Bay) Staff: Lois Erickson, Kelly Bragnalo, Clare Kempe, Anne Marie Davis, Leslie Indrevold, Dianna Atkinson, Evan Woodland, Melissa Pearson, Jacob Gascon, Rose Charlebois, Marnie Kasper, Carolyn Anderson, Ray Barnwell, Lisa Granatstein, Dave Colistro, Myles Kuharski, Mary Lynn Douglas

Gillons Family: Samantha Kempe, Maureen Huston, Amalia Huston, Kyla Heerema, Nicholas Heerema, Rick Stewart

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Walmart – Memorial Ave
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The Chronicle Journal
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Grace Place
Teen Challenge

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